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Feb 2016: Show the Love: Take Action for Divestment this Feb

As we continue to reflect on the whirlwind that was the Paris climate summit, one thing remains clear: getting the solutions we need means building even more momentum and bringing the pressure home. It means building our power, demanding truly just climate solutions and breaking our ties with the fossil industry once and for all.

On 12-13th February people all around the country will be ‘showing their love’ for the climate, and taking action in their communities to divest from fossil fuels – join them!

Find out more and get involved through the Show the Love page.


From our local councils to our places of worship, our universities to our employers – we’re all connected to institutions that shouldn’t be propping up the fossil fuel industry. As Valentine’s day approaches, we’ll be building the pressure for 100% renewable energy within a generation and a fossil free future: calling on our local and national institutions to ‘show the love’ by divesting from fossil fuels.


September 2015

Fossil-Free-x-white-backgroundFossil Free UK new campaign on Divesting Pensions from Fossil Fuels see FossilFreeUK Pensions 

Environmental Leaders Challenge Institutions to Divest from Fossil Fuels Ahead of Paris Summit

PARIS — Divestment leaders launched earlier today the “Divest for Paris” challenge at the Paris Divestment Conference, a day-long gathering co-hosted by and the European Green Party.[1] The summit features high-profile speakers such as Bill McKibben, co-founder of, Stephen Heintz, President of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Nicolas Hulot, Special Envoy of the French President for the Protection of the Planet, Pascal Canfin, from the Commission on Climate Finance and former French Development Minister, representatives from the World Council of Churches, the Carbon Tracker Initiative, and many more.

logo_tousensemble-reduitThe divestment movement is challenging institutions, individuals and governments to show climate leadership and align their investments with their values by divesting from fossil fuels ahead of the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris.[2] An avalanche of public commitments to divest from fossil fuels would build momentum and send a powerful signal that the world is rapidly and irreversibly moving away from fossil fuels.

“If you say you want action in Paris, then you have a responsibility to divest from fossil fuels,” said Executive Director May Boeve. “By shifting resources from the dirty energy of the past to the 100% renewable energy of the future, institutions can model the type of action we need from countries at COP21. With our climate in crisis, divestment is a moral necessity.”

Sept 2015: Hackney Council has officially committed to review its fossil fuel investments and discuss at the next Pensions Committee meeting! It’s not divestment but it’s a start… Well done to Divest Hackney!

scottishcouncilsREVEALED: Scottish councils invest £1.7 BILLION in fossil fuels. @FoEScot

Glasgow Divests: This Changes Everything

The University of Glasgow has become the first university in Europe to divest from the fossil fuel industry. After a year of student campaigning the University Court has voted today to begin divesting its entire £129 million endowment from fossil fuels. This is a major victory for the UK and Europe’s rapidly growing fossil fuel divestment movement.

Orebro: First Swedish City to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Lena Baastad, mayor of Örebro:

“We have high ambitions for our work on climate change. A few years from now, Örebro will be self-sufficient with renewable energy thanks to our investments in wind and solar power. We have recently introduced adopted a policy banning fossil fuels from the municipality’s investments. We make no investments in companies involved in the exploration, exploitation, extraction or production of oil, gas, tar sands and other unconventional fossil fuels. We also make no investments in the coal industry. This policy also applies to the assets of foundations that the municipality manages.”

September 2014

Oxfordshire City Council commits to divestment

Historic Commitment from Oxford City Council

Oxford city council win2Great news – Oxford City Council has passed the first UK council motion in favour of Fossil Fuel divestment!At a meeting of the full Council on July 14, 2014, a motion proposed by Green Party Councillor Craig Simmons was passed, committing the council to make no direct investments in the fossil fuel industry for moral reasons. 

Oxford Council first UK authority to pass divestment motion

Oxford — Oxford City Council has become the first local authority in the UK to pass a motion on fossil fuel divestment. The Council pledged to make no direct investments in fossil fuel companies for ethical reasons. [1]

Councillor Ruthi Brandt who seconded the divestment motion says, “We are proud that Oxford is the first local authority in the country to highlight the need to stop investing in fossil fuels. This is an industry that should be winding down rather than investing in more and more extreme forms of fossil fuel extraction. We hope we can get the City Council to extend its divestment plan to include indirect investments as well, since much of the money invested in fossil fuels is through such investments.”

See Oxfordshire City Council: the case for divestment  Fossil Free Oxon – summary for City Council Scrutiny Feb 14

Organisations controlling £30bn are divesting from fossil fuels

From Stanford University and the British Medical Association, to the Quakers – organisations and wealthy individuals are shunning investments in dirty energy

March 2014 Two reports: one conclusion: pressing need to divest from fossil fuels

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